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Landscape Design Heathrow Florida Earthwise Case Study 376

Landscape Design Sanford and Heathrow Florida Earthwise Horticultural Services

Earthwise Case Study:  376

updated:  06/10/2016 8:24PM

Welcome to my Home!!

For the longest time my landscape was "a work in progress" or "a place to experiment" but actually it looked like I ran a landscape company out of the front yard.

Well, you know the saying:  the cobblers children have no shoes

You could say the landscapers garden is full of weeds.  And it was until this year!

Much to the pleasure of my neighbors I converted my front yard from a parking lot to a certified butterfly habitat.

Getting certified by NABA is based on the honor system.  From a design perspective you have to be knowledgeable about plants that not only provide nectar but also hosts for the caterpillar and chrysalis stage.  You should have a wide variety to see the most butterflies, as well as alkaloids sources, and a muddling station.

I also got the back yard tuned up and my veggie gardens up and producing.  I've got my workstation organized and ready to go!

I'm glad to be able to share my gardens with you, enjoy!