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Sod Replacement Orlando and Central Florida case study 1117

Sod replacement by Earthwise Horticultural Services LLC  in Orlando and Central Florida surrounding areas

First, I want to emphasize before proceeding that we are not your typical landscaping and sod installation company:

  • Highly detail oriented
  • Specialize in what we do
  • Emphasize quality over quantity
  • Your property will be receiving a very thorough clean out and prep for the sod
  • We have stringent installation requirements and our team is trained by me personally

Earthwise Case Study: 1117

Clients requested a landscape plan for sod replacement. 

Clients had a unique drainage issue that needed to be addressed first. I sit here and type up this case file, I remember how frantic this homeowner was.  The pool installers had lowered the back yard to level the grade for the pool.  Meanwhile they had piled up soil along the fence, built a stone wall, and buried all the trees and shrubs about 16" deep in the extra soil.  All trees and shrubs were dying.  Not only that but the soil had been piled up against the fence along the back side.  The grade was so bad that heavy rain was simply causing the water to collect in the back yard and fill the pool with muddy water. As a final goodbye the guys who coated the pool dumped their chemical wash in the back yard soil.

...we came up with all the fixes they needed, we removed the contaminated soil, dug out behind the wall to free up the remaining live tree, removed the dead shrubs, and routed drainage out to the street in a very deep trench.  The finished product looked great, but we felt bad for the client who had to deal with this mess from the pool contractor.

  • We began with a consultation on options for sod varieties
  • We also discuss the myriad of factors that can affect the success of the sod replacement project
  • When we are done you will have a full understanding your sod options, pros, and cons
  • We simply do not proceed with a sod project unless all factors for success are in place

We believe this approach will save you money in the long term.

How many times have you paid to replace that lawn?

We are very good at what we do. 

As the owner, I spent two years+ on a thesis study for my Master's degree at UF involving the establishment and care of St. Augustine lawn grass.

View a summary of my published thesis at this URL:

The procedures involved in the installation and establishment are crucial to the long term success of new sod.  And that is my goal, long term success of your new lawn.  We won't let you down!