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Improve your landscape by replacing plants in existing beds or redesigning the entire property

If you are considering improving your landscape, it is a good idea to team up with a Pro. 

I specialize in the assessment & improvement of existing residential landscapes. 

We can plan out things as simple as front bed improvements or as complex as large scale estate properties. 

As a landscape designer & horticulturalist, my job is to help you by:

  1. Meeting with you and listening to your preferences

  2. Assessing your current landscape

  3. Helping to decide what to remove & what to keep

  4. Making sure we address any details that make sense such as drainage & irrigation

  5. Selecting and arranging the plants, trees, hardscape, accents and other elements

  6. Providing you with costs & options clearly stated so you can make decisions on facts not guesswork

  7. Installing the new landscape as a whole or breaking the work and costs into phases

  8. Wrapping up the project with a walkthrough were I provide you with short and long term care instructions

Many of my clients are still in touch with me years after the project has been completed. 

Folks check in with questions or advice about the landscape. 

It's always good to hear from you! Thank you for stopping by!!  I hope to hear from you soon!!!