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Improve your landscape by replacing plants in existing beds or redesigning the entire property

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Scott Simpson and I’m the owner of Earthwise. The focus of Earthwise Horticultural Services is landscape design and installation for existing residential properties. Within that scope I offer a wide range of services. My approach is holistic in nature with an emphasis on long term success.

Success in landscape improvements begins with a good plan. While planning your landscape we'll focus on things such as:

  1. Choosing the correct plants that not only meet your preferences but are also naturally adapted to the conditions of the landscape.
  2. Deciding where and what type of sod to use; and discussing what it takes to ensure long term success of the new lawn
  3. Problem solving for any trouble areas which includes the consideration of options and identification potential pitfalls
  4. Educating you so that once we are all done, you’ll know what to do in the short term after the installation, as well as long term