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My house

Here are some pictures of my humble abode.  I am a bit of a plant collector, I'm sure you understand why.  Many of the plants shown below were either reused or propagated. 

Reused plants include those that were either removed from a landscape and would have been otherwise discarded, or those that were part of research experiments that would have also been destroyed. 

For instance, the liriope you see in the foreground was removed from a clients home, and the Mulberry tree was part of a water use experiment at MREC in Apopka.  The magnolia was given to me by a grower who was forced to destroy his inventory because, now that new construction is slow, his large trees weren't selling.  Last I saw he had to destroy almost 200 specimens of this size (20ft+/-).

The plant material in the center is mostly firebush and thryallis.  I propagated these plants from cuttings (2-3" twigs basically) and grew them to full size.

Below right is a close up view of some of the detail work I have done around my foundation.