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A Landscape Design & Build Contractor

Mission Statement:

Earthwise is a specialty landscape design and installation company. The company’s primary purposes are: to provide alternative options to traditional approaches to landscapes; to educate clients on water management in the landscape; to educate staff on quality standards; to foster the individual growth and satisfaction of Earthwise staff members. 

Vision Statement:

Earthwise will be recognized as the standard for landscape design and installation needs, delivering the highest quality work and service in the Central Florida area.   


We recognize that our decisions and actions have an effect on each other, as well as our earth. We uphold 4 pillars in our approach to work and service: 

  1. Respect – we honor each other and our earth 
  2. Honesty – in speaking our truth, we honor others 
  3. Integrity – people of good character strive to do what is right 
  4. Quality – our work is a reflection of ourselves, and therefore, we strive to be the best

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