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Learn more about sod replacement and options for your project!

There are more than a few things you should know about turf or lawn grasses in Florida before you replace your lawn!

When I meet with a client about lawn replacement, I don't just take measurements and try to give you the lowest price possible to win a bid.  My process begins with a lawn consultation service which educates you about the correct  approach when considering and shopping for a sod replacement project.


We begin by discussing the major grass types for Central Florida

  • Choosing the right grass for your property is the first and most important step
  • (Pros and Cons)
  • A discussion of your grass options
  • How to handle shady areas
  • When I am done you will have a full understanding of  the right choice for your lawn

Next, we discuss turf care strategy and technique as they relate to your property

  • Detailed discussion of all areas pertaining to turf care
  • An in depth discussion of all practices
  • Better understanding of how to take care of your new lawn

People are typically shopping for lawn replacement and maintenance providers based on price.

Many service providers who compete on price often do not have a full grasp of what it takes to replace a lawn and make sure it is set up for long term success.

  • This approach will save you money on the long term!
  • Go with cheapest bid and no plan, and you run a good chance of losing the new lawn
  • How much will you have saved if you need to replace the lawn again? 
  • This is a typical cycle in Central Florida, let me help you stop the cycle of replacement!


  • Began my business by managing 40+ lawn accounts by myself, during the housing market dip
  • Undergraduate studies Landscape Management, University of Florida
  • Master of Science Environmental Horticulture, University of Florida
  • Published thesis research on St. Augustine growth quality with minimal (deficit) irrigation


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