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Landscape Design by Earthwise Horticultural Services LLC Orlando Florida 

Earthwise Case Study:  203

Clients requested a landscape plan to:

  1. Eliminate the lawn in the back yard
  2. Integrate raised bed vegetable gardens into the landscape
  3. Provide privacy around the backyard
  4. Add front yard accents
  5. Widen driveway at the entrance

Privacy shrub options discussed, Earthwise veggie garden system offered, and Florida friendly concepts to be integrated.

An irrigation system evaluation was initiated and veggie gardens allocated a dedicated zone.

Our solution:  We offered a pallet of hardy Florida friendly plant material to choose from.

For example we used podocarpus and oyster plants.

Landscape Design in Orlando Florida is not without pitfalls.

  1. Earthwise Case Study procedures are holistic in nature and detail oriented.
  2. When our Clients make a request for their landscape plan, we make sure they have it.
  3. Wildlife attraction and Florida friendly concepts always integrated unless otherwise decided.
  4. Water wise plant material and irrigation system evaluation are standard procedure.
  5. Our solutions help to ensure long term success of your landscape project.
  6. We offer a pallet of tough and Florida friendly plant material to choose from.
  7. Our warranty runs 6 months regular and 12 months with our extended care plan.

We are still in touch and serve most of our clients, how can we help you...