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Why Earthwise?

Q:  What I mean is, how can I claim to be an eco-friendly landscape company?

A:  I offer landscape designs that are beneficial to the ecosystems that surround them. 

  • This is an area of specialty for us
  • We plan and install Florida native and Florida friendly landscapes
  • This plant material is arranged and installed in an aesthetically pleasing manner
  • This approach is either called Florida native or Florida friendly landscaping

Q:  Does this include turf grass? 

A:  If you choose to have a traditional or turf dominant landscape using St. Augustine and other grasses then I can help to reduce demands and your subsequent long term costs

  • Typical lawn grasses have parameters they must be kept within to ensure success
  • We understand what is required to make this happen
  • We will make sure to cover all bases regarding your new landscape

Q:  My lawn needs so much water, it is a significant part of my bill, what can I do short of taking the grass out and putting down desert plants?

A:  All landscape practices can be tailored to help conserve water.  The key is to understand what your landscape requires and make sure to do so.  All plant material & lawn combinations are different, we will assess your landscape and determine the most economical way to irrigate.

Q:  I've had my lawn replaced so many times it has become part of my annual budget, how can I break this cycle?

A:  By taking a holistic approach to your landscape project, I can determine why you've been having problems, address those issues first, and then present a landscape plan that will not only meet your short term goals but also long term success.

Bidding & Estimation

Q:  How does the bidding and estimation process work?

A:  First, we meet to discuss your vision for the project.  There is no charge to meet for the first time.  I will walk through the landscape to gain an understanding of the scope of work.  We would then proceed to the planning phase.

Q:  How does the planning phase work?

A:  Every project is different.  For the most part, planning a landscape is not as simple as taking some brief measurements, discussing a few options, and then generating a quote.  A lot of legwork, information sharing, and planning is involved.  I will discuss the details of this phase once we meet.

Q:  What if all I really want is a plan or I just want to get an idea of what this would cost?

A:  Understandable. I do occasionally get this question.  If you are just trying to find out the cost or if you are considering DIY, you may want read on.... 

Some folks are just interested in shopping around for cost.  Many companies are willing to take a few measurements and give you a 'ballpark' estimate.  As I gained experience over the last decade of doing business, I've learned things are not that simple.  'Ballparking' or 'take off' estimation is the same as guessing, or it is over priced to compensate for error inherent with guessing. 

There are too many variables.  Bidding without explaining your options and best approaches is a haphazard approach.  So, during the process of developing the plan and the bid, you are provided with the relelvant information to make a decision based on facts, not speculation.

I respect anyone will to work in the Florida heat! However, landscaping in Central Florida is unique, and there are many pitfalls.  After working with clients on DIY projects, I've come to believe this is not a good idea.  Often, you wind up spending more for supplies and time than if you paid a pro.  Also, there are too many grey areas between your work and ours.  Besides, how much is your time worth?  It may not be a savings at all to take time away from work to landscape your own yard.

Q:  How will I know what the new landscape will look like?

A:  I use landscape design software to convey the intention and look of my designs.  Your plans will be presented in 3D form and presented in person utilizing a format that gives you a clear understanding of how your new landscape would look.  I have samples of my work throughout the site.

Q:  What if I change my mind after purchasing the consult and want to explore alternative approaches/costs?

A:  No problem, I can easily modify or update existing plans.  Any added design fees would be discussed at that time.  And keep in mind, for utilizing our service we can credit a some or all of the fee for the plans toward the estimate related to them.

Q:  What are my payment options?

A:  Payment can be completed with cash, check, or credit cards (via paypal).  We do not accept credit cards for amounts above 1,000 because the related fees are too high and transfer of funds is always delayed.

Checks should be made out to "Earthwise."  We cannot accept post dated checks.

Q:  Do you have a minimum job amount?

A:  Yes. The minimum job amount is currently 3,000.

When the project is done...

Q:  What happens when the project is complete? How do we keep our new landscape looking as good as the day it was installed?

A:  I'll provide you with instructions to help keep things looking good.  No landscape is maintenance free.  I'll make sure you understand what to do over the next few weeks and long term.

Q:  I really don't have time for this, can you help?

A:  As of now, I do not offer any maintenance services.  When we are done, you will have a full understanding of what needs to be done and you can educate any willing service provider.  PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH!  I'm happy to answer questions.  My goal is to build a long term professional relationship with my clients so that over the years the new landscape always thrives!


Q:  Is there a warranty on my new landscape?

A:  Yes, we offer between 30 days and 6 months depending on a few factors; which I discuss with you up front as we move through the process.  We do quality work and stand behind it! 


Invasive plants

Q:  What are invasive plants?

A:  Generally speaking, invasive plants are those that were not indigenous to Florida before Spanish settelment.  They can escape culture in many ways and infest our natural areas displacing wildlife and native plants.  Currently, invasive plant species cost Florida millions to control.

Sorry, but I will not install category I or category II invasive plant material.

Please see the following website for a list:

Loose rock

Q:  Is stone or loose rock is a fix all design that doesn't need maintenance?

A:  Nothing is maintenance free.  We know how to install rock beds to minimize the care required, and provide you with instructions on how to keep it looking good.

A few more important questions...

Q:  What services are not available from your company?

A:  The following services are not offered by Earthwise:

  • Lawn mowing or chemical service
  • New installation of in ground irrigation systems
  • Trimming of very large trees such as oaks
  • Large scale paver work*, concrete, or brick
    • *Paver work is something that is well within my scope of work and if there is an area of the project where you want paver work done, we can certainly handle that.  
    • *I make this distinction because strictly speaking Earthwise is not a paver company so I typically don't bid on driveway replacements or other large scale paver work. 
    • Paver work I can and do handle includes
      • modifications to existing areas such as widening a driveway
      • patios in the garden
      • porches and landings
      • pathways 
  • Decks, porches, & other structures attached to the house
  • Each of these areas require special licensing, permits, and/or equipment.
  • They are their own areas of specialty. 
  • I will provide links in the future for companies I refer....

Q:  What is your service area?

A:  My current service area as of November 2017 includes:

  1. Downtown Orlando mostly east of I4
  2. College Park & Lake Kilarney area is included as well as:
  3. Maitland
  4. Winter Springs
  5. Winter Park
  6. Casselberry
  7. Longwood
  8. Altamonte Springs
  9. Wekiva Springs
  10. Lake Mary
  11. Sanford
  12. Heathrow
  13. Oviedo
  14. DeBary

If you live in West of I4, I am currently not providing service in this area.  I work out of the Sanford - Lake Mary area so the drive time, fuel, and tolls are a very high expense which distorts the costs to my clients.