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Pergolas, Arbors, Trellis', Potting Benches, Work Stations

Updated 09/28/2018 @ 1:29 PM

Florida friendly landscaping is all about finding creative options to typical lawn dominant landscapes.  An extended living space with a custom built structure such as a pergola will creatively replace an otherwise bland lawn area.  Planting beds that surround this area can be populated with prolific flowering plants and hardy small shrubbery that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds.  Once established, these areas are very low maintenance.

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Below you'll see a custom 28' x 16' x 10' tall pergola built with western red cedar.  The 6 main posts are 8' x 8' and bracketed to concrete footers under the deck.  Those are 4' x 10' beams running across that are mortised into the 6 main posts.  We also had the brackets custom made by a local machinist.  We ran electricity out for future fans as well as a natural gas pipe for a fire pit.

This pergola is extremely stable and expected to last several decades.

In Florida wood selection and construction method will determine not only the strength but also the longevity of any structure.  I'll guide you through your options and discuss strategies that will suit your needs and requests.  

Since each structure is custom built, they are priced by the job.  When we meet to discuss your landscape project I'll go over your options and my approach.

Accents such as distinctive structures shown here add character and value to your home as well as providing an extended living space.

Thank you for your interest in Earthwise Horticultural Services.  I can custom build any typical landscape structure you like.  I can also help with selection and assembly of any 'kits' you like.  The slide show above shows some of my recent work.

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