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Green Landscape Planning and Installation Services


My approach to landscape design and build is focused on your needs. 

  1. I specialize in residential landscape improvements
  2. I enjoy working with homeowners to make sure they get just what they want
  3. My service is custom tailored to each family I work with
  4. I am detail oriented and make sure folks have the information needed to make educated decisions about their landscape project.

My goal is to provide the best & most comprehensive service.  Landscape Design for each individual client calls for a unique approach custom tailored for you.

  1. Earthwise planning procedures, developed over the last decade, are holistic in nature and detail oriented.
  2. When Clients make a request for their landscape plan, I make sure they have it.
  3. Wildlife attraction and Florida friendly concepts, which both benefit our ecology, are often the foundation of my suggestions.
  4. Water-wise low maintenance plant material and comprehensive irrigation system evaluation are standard procedure.
  5. The solutions we develop help to ensure long term success of your landscape project.
  6. I offer a pallet of tough and Florida friendly plant material to choose from.

I am still in touch with many of my clients to help with questions years later, how can I help you?

Contact: 407-619-1951

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