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Landscape Design Orlando Lake Mary Florida Earthwise Case Study 207

Landscape Design by Earthwise Horticultural Services LLC Orlando Florida 

Earthwise Case Study:  207

Our client requested a front yard landscape plan after septic replacement.  Budget was a limiting factor with other contractors.  We were able to design and install a front yard that not only met the budgetary restrictions but also greatly improved curb appeal.

Landscaping based on a reasonable budget is something we can definitely help with.  We can approach the project at the planning stages with this in mind and develop ideas that will help to overcome many obstacles.

  1. Our client needed a low maintenance landscape.
  2. She also wanted something distinctive to give her unique property year round interest.
  3. Curious about less than typical landscaping styles, we suggested a hardscape arrangement called a dry river bed.
  4. This also serves the purpose of directing water drainage and runoff away from the front door courtyard.
  5. The river bed has a step stone pathway nestled in with the boulders.
  6. We also connected the side of the house with a soft pathway of pine straw and corrected a drainage issue on the back corner with a simple hardscape arrangement.
  7. The sod is super tough and drought tolerant.
  8. The plant material is very hardy, loves heat and dry spells, flowers prolifically, and will grow to fill in the area at minimal costs.
  9. We visit this client almost every year to help with property clean up and annual 'spring cleaning.'

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