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Landscape Design Winter Springs Florida Earthwise Case Study 084

Landscape Design by Earthwise Horticultural Services LLC Winter Springs Florida 

Earthwise Case Study:  084

Update 6/7/2016 this is a very mature landscape, you could say the client has allowed it to get overgrown.  Although the maintenance on a Florida Friendly no lawn landscape is less, there is still care to be done.  We advise our clients after the install how to do this, and offer annual clean up services.

Clients requested a Florida friendly landscape plan:

  • The front yard always had problems under the shade of the trees and between the sidewalk and road.
  • The HOA was constantly warning our Client about the condition of his struggling lawn.
  • Our client needed a better course of action...

We began with a consultation on options for a recommended course of action, plant material choices, pros, and cons.

Wildlife attraction and Florida friendly concepts to be integrated.

Water wise plant material and irrigation system evaluation.

Our solution: 

  • Lawn grass was not recommended for this plan
  • Under the trees the shade and roots never allowed new sod to root.
  • Attractive ornamental plants and ground cover was recommended.
  • Irrigation system was configured for efficiency in planting beds and narrow areas.
  • We offered a pallet of wildlife friendly and Florida friendly plant material to choose from.
  • For example we used flax lily and muhly grass.

Landscape Design in Winter Springs Florida is not without pitfalls.

  1. Earthwise Case Study procedures are holistic in nature and detail oriented.
  2. When our Clients make a request for their landscape plan, we make sure they have it.
  3. Wildlife attraction and Florida friendly concepts always integrated unless otherwise decided.
  4. Water wise plant material and irrigation system evaluation are standard procedure.
  5. Our solutions help to ensure long term success of your landscape project.
  6. We offer a pallet of tough and Florida friendly plant material to choose from.
  7. Our warranty runs 6 months regular and 12 months with our extended care plan.

We are still in touch and serve most of our clients, how can we help you...