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Refurbish your landscape

  • Often the best way to address a weed problem is to add plants
  • Mulching will also help to keep many weeds down
  • An irrigation inspection may give us some insights here
  • We off these services, call us for a refresh and renew

Weed Control in the Landscape

  • Weeds are defined as plants out of place.
  • This concept can create a lot of work if not handled properly
  • This ideas is based on our desire to have a clean, neat, & manicured landscape or garden.
  • Below we have sedge in a mulch bed, and phyllanthus in leaf litter.
  • How do you deal with these?
  • We can help, and it often starts with the planning stages

In adequate weed control in planting beds and gardens is the number one reason for dissatisfaction with most landscapes. 

  • When we install a new landscape, we address these issues.
  • If you have an existing landscape with this problem, our overall landscape consultation package covers this.
  • Do you have an area that has been allowed to get overgrown like the above photos?
  • Contact us for more information on how we can help.

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