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Landscape Lighting System Design & Installation

Landscape lighting is a fantastic addition to any plan.  You can:

  1. Accent architectural features of your home.
  2. Softly light up backyards to make them more inviting
  3. Provide safely lit pathways around your home
  4. Illuminate dark areas for safety
  5. Lighting controls and settings can be operated from your smart phone
  6. You can turn zones or systems on/off when you leave or get home
  7. Low voltage LED lights are safe and economical
  8. Light bulbs come with a 10 year warranty


My approach to service is custom tailored for you.  Clients who are seeking to improve on their current landscape while also adding your own unique touch.  I am  accustomed to taking the time to make sure that folks get the landscape they want.

I take a detail oriented approach to landscape & lighting design. 

  1. I take the time to understand from the beginning what folks want
  2. I make sure to communicate with you throughout the design & project
  3. I stay focused on your project until the job is done
  4. I make sure you have the information needed for long term success
  5. I always Follow up after the job is complete
  6. My goal is to offer a truly professional, unique, & personalized experience during this process

updated 04/30/2020  9:26AM

Thank you for your visit!  Scott Simpson, Earthwise

Landscape design video walkthrough

This plan is for a simple modern style front yard and an edible garden in the backyard


This plan is for a corner lot front yard with succession flowering tropical and traditional themes combined case 183


This plan is for a Florida friendly backyard poolside wildlife garden case 304