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Wildlife Landscaping Central Florida

Earthwise Case Study:  Butterflies & Honey Bees

A big part of all natural or organic landscaping is attracting pollinators.  Natural landscapes generally do not use chemicals to deter pests.  The chemicals that deter unwanted pests often harm bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects. 


Seeing a butterfly in the garden can cheer up your day.  Most flowering plants will attract butterflies.

Native Bees:

Don't worry, having these pollinators in your garden won't be a risk (unless you are allergic).

I work around flowers all the time and a honey bee has never bothered me.

  1. A garden that attracts pollinators will include a mix of annuals, perennials, herbs, shrubs, and trees.
  2. Honey bees prefer yellow, white, blue, and purple flowers; they can’t see the color red.
  3. They like daisy-like flowers with broad petals that offer a large landing pad.
  4. Some native bees, which don't produce honey but are important pollinators, prefer fruiting trees and native plants and shrubs.
  5. Like butterflies, bees also like shallow mud puddles as their source of water and minerals.