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Sod Replacement and Installation for Orlando and surrounding areas

Considering replacing your lawn?  St. Augustine or Zoysia lawns can thrive if installed and cared for right.  If you want long term success with your lawn, you have come to the right place. 

Below is pictured a large Winter Springs property we installed over 60 pallets of Zoysia and it's looking beautiful more than a year later.  We do it right so you only have to do it once!

Think about this:  What has happened with your lawn, historically?  Have you or others you know spent thousands of dollars replacing it & managing it only to wind up in the same position again: It doesn't look good.  Let's break that cycle so you can take "replace sod again" out of your annual budget.

I'm not jut going to show up, take some measurements, and hand you an estimate.  We'll get down into the details and figure out the formula that will give you a successful lawn.

What do you prefer?

  • Drought tolerant
  • No or minimal pest/disease control
  • No or minimal fertilization
  • Lush green year round
  • Play area for family
  • Heavy traffic
  • Shade tolerance

We can help on any topic.

Why not consider a different approach this time?

How many times have you paid to replace that lawn?

We are very good at what we do. 

As the owner, I spent two years+ on a thesis study for my Master's degree at UF involving the establishment and care of St. Augustine lawn grass.

View a summary of my published thesis at this URL:

The procedures involved in the installation and establishment are crucial to the long term success of new sod.  And that is my goal, long term success of your new lawn.

Together, we take the time to:

  1. Evaluate your landscape overall
  2. Examine all the factors affecting the sod replacement
  3. Develop a comprehensive plan that will help ensure success.

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Thank you for your visit!  Scott Simpson, Earthwise


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