This narrow part of the back yard needed a unique approach

Wildlife Landscaping Central Florida

Earthwise Case Study:  Butterflies & Honey Bees

A big part of all natural or organic...

Good use of many elements help the adaptation work

'Xeric' Landscape Design by Earthwise Horticultural Services LLC Orlando Florida 

More plants would have been better, and this was...

lawn and hedges

Sod replacement by Earthwise Horticultural Services LLC  in Orlando and Central Florida surrounding areas


Privacy screening was provided with large trees and shrubs

Landscape Design with ground cover in Orlando Central Florida Landscapes.

Below you have a newly installed ground cover...

The property needed smoother lines and fresh plants

Landscape Design by Earthwise Horticultural Services LLC Winter Park Florida 

Earthwise Case Study: 292

Clients requested a...

This pool entrance is punctuated with an arbor that will support a vine

'Xeric' Landscape Design by Earthwise Horticultural Services LLC Winter Springs Florida 

Earthwise Case Study:  079


Pool side R&R

Earthwise Horticultural Services offers Landscape...

We removed old shrubs and created a new landscape design

Above you see various samples of Tropical and Poolside Landscape Design Projects by Earthwise...

Backyard tropical garden
A landscape design for back yard which give tropical foliage but does not obstruct the view
Hardscape landscape design Specialty Landscapes for Central Florida
A paver entrance helps conceal an drainage system underneath

Creative approaches to Residential Landscape Design

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Scott Simpson, MSc

Consults are available.

Through the application of a holistic approach to landscape solutions we can recommend a style or theme that best suits your individual needs. 

Landscape Consultation Packages

Rather than just come by and lecture you, we will provide you with a useful tangible product:

·       A walk through and interactive discussion of your property

·       A 2nd walk through to explain the plan in person

·       A clear and concise written plan that you can use

·       The plan will include all details relevant to your landscape project

·       All packages include highly detailed evaluation and recommendation

·       Phone and email suppor

·       Add on services to facilitate the project


1.  Overall landscape evaluation: 

·       Best for those with a recently purchased home or those who would like to rejuvenate an existing landscape.  Includes an overall discussion about everything

·       If you need more detail we can identify that area and progress into a dialogue about that specific area

·       We'll have a look and see what can be done to quickly and inexpensively improve your curb appeal, and then put a plan in place to keep it that way

·       Each package is custom built for your individual landscape.  Complete property walk around and DIY tips.  Also, what is best to have a pro handle

·       Often as a start, the best course of action is to figure out how to utilize as much of the existing and get it looking good with a minimal amount of work.  Then go from there...


2.  Landscape planning and design consultation: 

·       Best for those who would like to replace or remodel and entire or part of a landscape

·       Learn the steps involved with properly evaluating your site conditions, selection of plant material, prep before work begins, installation & establishment procedures, and long term care

·       Benefit from a detailed discussion of plant material options and benefits

·       Free 8G Kingston USB drive with each package containing your plant material pictures and relevant information


3. Lawn replacement and/or management consultation:

·       Taking over lawn care duties? 

·       Planning to switch services and prefer to know more beforehand? 

·       Interested in having a solid knowledge base about your lawn and what it takes to make it look good. 

·       Let me take you to turf school...


4.  Irrigation consultation:

·       50% of your municipal water bill goes to landscape irrigation. 

·       Your system should be evaluated regularly for function. 

·       Would you like to learn how you can conserve water?  Have recent repairs not done the trick?

·       Let us walk through the system with you so you know better how to irrigate efficiently.


5.  Wildlife and edible gardens and landscapes.

·       Want to know how to bring in more desirable birds and butterflies?

·       Want to know how to integrate edibles into your ornamental landscape?

·       Want to start a veggie garden?

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Project Collaboration

Landscape Design Video Walk Through Case 092

This is another plan for an interactive backyard filled with edibles, Xeriscape influence.

Case 092 design features:

  • Raised bed edible garden
  • Water Feature for pleasant sound
  • Outdoor family dining table
  • Fire pit for evening atmosphere
  • Pergola to escape the sun
  • Hammock for those lazy days
  • Edible trees and ornamentals
  • Wildlife plants for butterflies and birds
  • Golden Goddess bamboo for privacy
  • Outdoor shower to cool off
  • No lawn to mow

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